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  • Cappable-seq Service now available !

    In close cooperation with New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB), VERTIS is now able to make the new Cappable-seq method available to its customers. The method was developed by Laurence Ettwiller and Ira Schildkraut from NEB (Ettwiller, L. et al. 2016. BMC Genomics. 17, 1 (2016), 199).

    It represents the current most sensitive and robust method for the precise identification of bacterial transcription start sites (TSSs).

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Bacterial Transcriptomics

Special emphasis of VERTIS lies in the analysis of bacterial transcriptomes. Bacteria are in the central focus of important social challenge such as infectious diseases and they are of enormous economic interest as for white biotechnology or food industry.

On the other hand, the preparation of high-quality cDNA from bacteria is highly demanding, because the bacterial mRNA is very unstable and due to the absence of 3' poly(A) tails, it's enrichment is much more challenging.


VERTIS has developed efficient techniques which allow a very accurate and deep analysis of  bacterial whole transcriptomes, small regulatory RNAs (sRNome) and transcription start sites (TSS).

Please find here some more detailed information about our different methods for cDNA synthesis and automated library preparation:

Standard Applications

Identification of the Structure of Bacterial Transcriptomes

    • Enrichment of primary transcripts:
        • dRNA-seq  (differential RNA-seq)
        • Cappable-seq  (direkt targeting of 5' tri-phosphate ends of transcripts)
        • Identification of bacterial transcription start sites (TSSs) and processing sites (PSSs) in parallel:
            • tagRNA-seq  (with focus on identification of TSS and PSS)
              • tagRNA-seqWT  (whole transcriptome sequencing including information on TSS and PSS)


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